Explore the In-2-Me-I-C™ Journaling Framework

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Do you journal?

When I ask this question to my adult peers, I get a variety of answers, ranging from “No.” to “I have tried a few times, but I don’t keep it up.” The answer is typically followed by some intrinsic need to explain why they don’t have a disciplined journaling practice…

Are you a problem solver? Here’s how to prove it.

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Every organization has problems they want to solve. And most knowledge workers claim to be critical thinkers. (So much so, the phrase “problem-solving skills” has become such a cliché that Monster.com says is one of the top 10 terms that “ruin a resume.”) Zety.com states, “employers are literally fighting for…

How to elevate your personal role on a high performing team

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The Muppets were the most high-performing team in the history of pop-culture. The blend of characters created the kind of team we all dream of being part of. So what made them so magical and enduring? We often presume success is predicated on the leader of a team or the…

The 5 Key Areas to Excel as a Product Consultant or Product Coach

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There is a new acronym trending: VUCA. It stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. VUCA perfectly describes our world, accelerated by the pandemic and a low-touch digital economy. The good news is, there is an answer. The antidote for ambiguity, when more things are unknown than known, is agility.

Intentionally diversify who is advising you

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Most of us have a group of people we look to for advice, unconsciously or intentionally, during times of crisis or critical decision making. Some of these people are in your personal circle, privy to your adulting challenges and values, who have offered their advice throughout your life. Some originate…

This 3-step re-thinking cycle can lead to professional liberation

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I’m listening to (and reading) Adam Grant’s “Think Again” (yes, it is that good!). I was captivated throughout, but I hit re-wind when he used the phrase “identity foreclosure.”

I’m an un-proud participant of the foreclosure crash of the otherwise non-descript ’90s, and I may or may not have had…

Practical tips to re-think your team culture

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A team working agreement is essentially a documented set of ground rules that a team creates to hold each other accountable to positive behaviors. It’s a common element of a team startup or launch, and strong teams often revisit their team norms. However, to help a group form quickly as…

FBI Hostage Negotiation Techniques applied to Stakeholder Management

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Erin slumped in her airline seat with a long sigh, resigned to a dismal future. She couldn’t help but reflect on the difference in how she currently felt compared to walking into the negotiations just a couple of hours ago. She was so confident…

A layman’s perspective on why we should be paying attention to blockchain technology

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The first thing Jenny remembers coming out of the fog is being wracked with excruciating abdominal pain, so intense she cannot catch her breath. Anxious faces are hovering, but all she can focus on is trying to breathe. The sharp, burning pain is wrapping and rippling across her upper abdomen…

Lessons from KonMari, the Growth Mindset, and the Psychology of Patterns

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Rachel is a founder, a bringer of ideas, a bias-toward-action, err on the side of collaboration kind of gal. She’s started communities of practices, meditation groups, mentoring circles, and book clubs. She serves on conference boards. She speaks at conferences. She mentors others. Her philosophy is that opportunity drives opportunity.

Julee Everett

Writer, reader, observer. People enthusiast. Overdoes sunrises, never makes it to sunset, can’t pass up a good cup of coffee. Hails from the Gulf Coast, FL.

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