How to elevate your personal role on a high performing team

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The Muppets were the most high-performing team in the history of pop-culture. The blend of characters created the kind of team we all dream of being part of. So what made them so magical and enduring? We often presume success is predicated on the leader of a team or the culture of the organization. Those are strong elements. But ultimately, it all comes down to the people on the team.

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It’s been said that each of the Muppets was based on a real person. Perhaps there is a little Muppet in all of us! What’s your Spirit Muppet?

Read on to refresh your memories of these unique characters, identify with their strengths, and consider your role in forming a high-performing team. …


Julee Everett

Writer, reader, observer. People enthusiast. Overdoes sunrises, never makes it to sunset, can’t pass up a good cup of coffee. Hails from the Gulf Coast, FL.

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