Label: Workaholic

Labels are shortcuts to quick impressions. Don’t let every label stick.

Workaholic. I’ve thought about that word for a few days — since someone threw that label at me. I need time to form my answers when I am caught off guard and I felt unprepared to respond. But now I am.

This is what I would say: I can see why you might label me as a workaholic. I’ve had a long run of nearly non-stop, high-value delivery. I’ve been creating and experimenting with new offerings and delivering great outcomes with clients. It’s been a full schedule, with the new challenge of migrating to virtual delivery. They don’t know I have weeks of quiet time scheduled.

In the past, after a highly productive phase, I noticed I would experience an almost uncontrollable slump. I would beat myself up for the downtime. I’d say I was “being lazy.” If only I could stay at that high pace — just imagine what I could do!

I have finally learned it’s not “downtime” — it’s just time to recharge. When people meet me at an event or training they don’t see an introvert because I’m often in front of the mic. But I am an introvert.

Part of my adulting is realizing that being “on-stage” requires me to schedule restorative time. It’s not time off. I’m not being lazy. It’s not recovery from workaholism — it’s just time to recharge. I call it self-care.

And that’s a label I can live with.

~Julee Everett

Hone your craft; speak your truth; show your thanks

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